Saint Dominic's Catholic Church, Torrance
St Dominic
Our Lord often used parables to get his message across.
Try these modern stories - "Footprints" - "Take my Son" - " Is your cross too heavy?"
St Dominic's, Torrance
Administrating Priest: Fr John Deighan
Resident in Milton of Campsie. Tel : 01360 - 310355
(email currently not available)
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16 October 2016




Sunday 28C

9:00 Mass

10:30 Mass


8:00 Exposition
9:30 Mass



8:00 Exposition
9:30 Mass





8:00 Exposition
9:30 Mass & Novena




9:30 Mass


9:30 Mass & Rosary


Sunday 29 C  

9:00 Mass

10:30 Mass

Mission Sunday: Next week. The special collection will be for Missio. Missio is the Scottish branch of the Pontifical Mission Societies, and is the official mission aid agency of the Catholic Church in Scotland. A message from Missio: “Our Catholic brothers and sisters throughout the world need the support of our prayers as we need theirs, but they also need our financial assistance. This year, Missio has been supporting the training of young men for the priesthood in Kaduna in northern Nigeria, where Christians have been suffering prolonged and terrible persecution.”  

Mass for Canon Conway: to mark his retirement, and give thanks to God for his many years of priestly service in our Archdiocese. Thursday 27th October, St Machan’s, 7pm. Reception in hall will follow.

Please pray for:

Sick/housebound/in hospital: Mrs Bingham, Graham Blair, Sheila Coe, Nico Coia, Jessy Flynn, Theresa Ridgeway,
Mr & Mrs Seath

Anniversaries: Sarah Ferns, Maureen O’Neill