Saint Dominic's Catholic Church, Torrance


Baptisms take place, by arrangement, usually on a Sunday
Please speak to Fr. Murray

Baptism (or Christening) is the first of
The Seven Sacraments of the Church and it is celebrated by the priest, through the invocation of the Holy Trinity and the symbol of holy water. The fruit of Baptism includes forgiveness of original sin and all personal sins and becoming a member of the Church eventually leading to the reception of other sacraments.
Baptisms are arranged after meeting with one of the priests of the parish. Families who present a child for baptism should normally be resident within the parish of St. Dominic's (if not then they should seek the consent of the parish priest where they are resident before a baptism can be arranged here). The Church requires at least one sponsor (Godparent) who must be a practising Catholic. There is usually another godparent, who, if not Catholic, must at least be a baptised Christian and of a different sex to the other godparent.

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Mar and Child Jesus A Baptismal prayer

The greatest gift that God could send
He sends with love to you:
A dear and helpless little child,
A responsibility, too.
Each child that God gives to us
Is only lent a while
To treasure, love, protect, and guard
From every snare and wile.
To form within its innocent heart
His image good and true.
God bless this tiny newborn baby
And may He bless you, too!

John Baptising Jesus in the River Jordan

What John the Baptist was conferring on the banks of the Jordan was a baptism of repentance for conversion and the forgiveness of sins. But he announced: "After me comes one who is mightier than I.... I have baptized you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit (Mk 1:7-8). He proclaimed this to a multitude of penitents who flocked to him confessing their sins, repenting and preparing to correct their lives.
The Baptism given by Jesus, which the Church, faithful to his command does not cease to administer, is quite different. This Baptism frees man from original sin and forgives his sins, saves him from slavery to evil and is a sign of his rebirth in the Holy Spirit; it imparts to him a new life, which is participation in the life of God the Father,
Only-Begotten Son who became man, died and rose again.
As Jesus comes out of the water, the Holy Spirit descends upon him like a dove, the heavens open and the Father's voice is heard from on high: "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased" (Mk 1:11). Thus the event of Christ's Baptism is not only a revelation of his divine sonship, but at the same time a revelation of the whole Blessed Trinity. The Father-the voice from on high-reveals in Jesus the Only-Begotten Son consubstantial with him and all this comes about by virtue of the Holy Spirit who, in the form of a dove descends on Christ, the Lord's Anointed. - Pope John Paul II , Jan 1997